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What a Modern PAM Solution for Cloud-Native Applications Looks Like

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a go-to solution to prevent privilege misuse and insider threats, and to limit malware propagation. Learn about 7 features you should look for in a modern PAM solution for cloud-native applications and actions you can take for maximum security and efficiency.

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Did I become a manager too soon?

I became an engineering manager two years ago, which was also two years into my career. The reason is mainly that we were a small team and when the time came to add line management I was around and down for it. I have loved this position, and find it extremely fulfilling to be able to remain technical and still have a deeply human job and build strong relationships with my team and across the company.

A domain-based structure for software engineering teams

How we’re structuring squads to grow individual contributors into tech leads.

What do great engineering managers need to know about compensation and equity?

Today we’re going to do a whirlwind tour of compensation. Hopefully you’ll learn a bit along the way. And I’ll share an exercise for managers, called a compensation review.

A Recipe for Self-Improvement

"Talk less, listen more, and be decisive when the time comes."

Failing Forward — How We Grow from Incidents

This past year, a few of us who focus on the reliability of Spotify for Artists (S4A) spent some time taking a look at the collection of incidents directly affecting S4A in 2021. We made some hypotheses, and then went to work analyzing each one to build a set of quantitative and qualitative metrics. We learned a few things, and we hope those insights will help you as well.

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