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1-on-1 Meetings: More Important than Ever

In normal times, having regular 1-on-1 meetings with your direct reports is important. In this socially distant era, these connection points are essential.

Choosing the Management Track

Several months ago a friend of mine reached out to me because he was considering changing from an individual contributor (IC) role to an engineering management (EM) role at work. Given the fact that I’ve bounced back and forth a couple times, he wanted to pick my brain as to what I thought the tradeoffs were and why I ultimately went back into management.

Managers: what do you do when your teammate shares their grief?

Most of us aren’t taught how to respond when someone shares with us a really heavy piece of information.

Managing technical quality in a codebase

If there's one thing that engineers, engineering managers, and technology executives are likely to agree on, it's that there's a crisis of technical quality.

What Becoming an Engineering Manager Feels Like

A senior engineer who is on track to becoming an engineering manager for their current team asked me what it's really like when you become the engineering manager. When you get the title change, and you turn up the next day as the manager of the team. What does it feel like?

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