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Create a better interface for any business problem with Retool

You don't have to be a frontend expert to build beautiful apps. Retool provides a powerful platform to build your UI, connect your data, and publish your app 10x faster. Skip the boilerplate code with 90+ pre-built UI components, and write custom code nearly anywhere to customize how your apps look and work.

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The ultimate guide to onboarding software engineers

A week passes and you have your first check-in with her. She seems… nervous and confused. She doesn’t feel she’s learned much and she feels very insecure. She must be unfit for the role, eventually, as she clearly should be delivering tickets by this time, right? It’s only a matter of time before getting fired during the probation period. These are some of the thoughts going through her mind. Or, if she’s experienced, she might think “What a crap place. It was a mistake signing that contract. Well at least I can leave within 2 weeks”.

The dreaded reorg

While desk moves haven’t been as common in the last few years of pandemic life, there has been one constant amygdala trigger that I’ve seen come up time and time again for folks at work: the dreaded reorg.

Refactor → Organisation

High autonomy is vital to high-performing product development teams. The previously decoupled technology stacks made autonomy easier to achieve, so the WebCore strategy forced us to think about how we could balance autonomy with standardised technology.

In-Depth: Stable or fluid teams? What does the science say?

An investigation of three schools of thought on team development and high-performing teams.

7 mental models for great engineering leadership

A couple of weeks ago, I hosted a talk with Point Nine, where I presented what I believe are the essential building blocks of great engineering leadership. Instead of focusing on how much you need to spend your time on hiring or in meetings, I went through the most useful mental models I've acquired during my time at Athenian. A journey that has allowed me to spend most of my days with hundreds of different engineering organizations of all shapes and sizes.


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