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Engineering teams move faster with Rewatch

Your engineers need context and clarity to do their best work. But knowledge silos and frequent interruptions only slow them down. Rewatch brings your team’s most important communication – all-hands, meetings, demos, and more – into one centralized video hub. See how Rewatch helps engineers get the visibility they need and ship high-quality work faster.

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How to scale a unicorn-building engineering team

Building a structured game plan for empowering engineers can drive your team’s scaling.

How to eliminate organizational debt

The debt that’s crippling your company isn’t on your balance sheet. Here’s what to do about it.

Power struggles among nice people

Most of my clients are CEOs of growing companies, most of the rest are C-level executives in similar settings, and a number of others are leaders in investment or professional services firms. In order to be effective in these roles they must be able to influence others, wield authority, and maintain status. At the same time my clients are conscientious people who care about the well-being of their employees and colleagues, aspire to make a positive difference in the world, and are striving to do their best.

Making up movies

Continuing from my previous article on managing yourself, another classic trap that impedes personal growth is endlessly playing self-made movies in your mind and believing in those plots. Let me describe a particular situation.

Leadership journal: Become an inspiring leader in 10 minutes a day

I bet you spend time every day racing between numerous tasks on your to-do list. Perhaps you’re rushing between one meeting to the next. Do you ever stop before picking up the next task at hand, reflect on what you just did, or process what was said at the last meeting you attended? Do you ever give extra thought to insights raised or contemplate actions taken?

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