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Less status updates, more coaching

How many of your one-to-ones with your team end up being status updates? How about your one-to-ones with your own manager? And just how boring are they? I know, right? Snore.

Limiting Work In Progress

In many organizations today there is one thing that almost always is true: there are too many things done in parallel, there is too much work-in-progress, everyone is busy but nothing gets done. If this is so ubiquitous why is no one doing anything about it?

How To Be A Leader No Matter What Your Role Is

There are certain roles that automatically lend themselves to leadership. For example, if you’re a manager responsible for supervising a team of 10, you can bet that there are going to be opportunities within your role to showcase your leadership skills. But you don’t have to be in a managerial role to step up and show your leadership potential.

Product Prioritization from Founders to Team of Teams

A lot has been written about product prioritization in both small teams and large product organizations. Much less has been written about what goes on in between. Hence, we want to share our experience in growing from just founders to a group of 40 engineers, data scientists and product people at our last startup.

What is expected of a Engineering Manager?

Support the members of your team and help them grow. Follow along the deliveries, setting quality standards, making sure the team has the support they need and upper management the feedback they need. Keep a constant practice of creating, improving or eliminating team or company processes.

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