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Engineering teams move faster with Rewatch

Your engineers need context and clarity to do their best work. But knowledge silos and frequent interruptions only slow them down. Rewatch brings your team’s most important communication – all-hands, meetings, demos, and more – into one centralized video hub. See how Rewatch helps engineers get the visibility they need and ship high-quality work faster.

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Building infrastructure platforms

Infrastructure Platform teams enable organisations to scale delivery by solving common product and non-functional requirements with resilient solutions. This allows other teams to focus on building their own things and releasing value for their users. But nobody said building scalable platforms was easy... In this article Poppy and Chris explore 7 key principles which can help you build the right thing right. Spoiler: don't skip strategy, user experience and research.

Learning a technical subject

I love learning. I wanted to write about how I learn, so I can analyze if there is a method to this madness. I will first talk about what my learning process looks like in abstract terms, and then I'll give an analogy to make things more concrete and visual.

The lessons from the first 50 days in my role as a CTO in a startup

A little while ago, I decided to change my career path and try something a bit different — a startup. I was very anxious to join a company that is only forming, but I felt like something was missing in all the roles I’ve been in so far. While the big corporations were enjoyable in different ways, unfortunately, they quickly became quite dull. So that’s how I ended up looking for a new challenge, and I found one.

What TPMs do and what software engineers can learn from them

What is the TPM role that is becoming more common in large tech companies? I’m curious to learn more.

Systems thinking tools & techniques

In this post, I’ll cover a number of practical tools and techniques that help us map and understand systems. There are plenty of valuable tools and techniques out there, and I’ll focus on two tools that I believe offer great ways to get started with Systems Thinking: (1) the Iceberg Model and (2) Feedback Loops. Rather than reacting to what’s in front of us, both tools help us be more proactive and inclusive in our thinking.


Work with us at Shareup and help build our PWA, iOS app, and services with very modern tech stacks

We help teams privately collect, organize, and make sense of the myriad files and links they need everyday. Sharing is currently too difficult and stressful! We are obsessed with relieving that stress and anxiety. You’ll have the opportunity to build a product that really improves people’s workday while also reducing their stress and anxiety. Remote in Europe time zones.

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