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Keep shipping fast — even as your engineering organization grows

As your business grows, software development inevitably slows down. Building new features takes longer. Information gets siloed. Communication breaks. Swarmia gives you the insights you need to identify process bottlenecks and the tools you need to resolve them so your engineering teams can ship up to 10x faster.

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Know how your org works (or how to become a more effective engineer)

This post aims to lay out some of the problems engineers might often encounter and some food for thought on how to be more effective working within the limitations and constraints of organizations.

No more deadlines: Tips for healthy project estimation

At the start of every project, my team and I went through the normal routine. The project lead scoped the project. We reviewed the plan. The team estimated when we would finish, and our product manager marked the date. The problem came when the project’s scope shifted.

Hard edges, soft middle

Have you had that feeling of being several weeks into a project, and you find yourself wandering around, struggling to wrangle the scope back to what you thought it was when you started?

What is Engineering Enablement

I’ve been asked a lot lately to explain what Engineering Enablement really means, so I thought it might be helpful to provide an overview of the trending function called Engineering Enablement: Why it’s needed, Who needs it, and What problems can be solved by building a team of enablers. The information in this article comes from my own experience.

Five takeaways from looking for a new senior role in tech

A few months ago, I left SeatGeek without much of a plan of what to do next. My green card was finally issued in 2021, which means that I didn’t have to scramble to find a new job in forty days. For the first time in the fifteen years I have lived abroad, I could finally take my time without fear of getting on the bad side of immigration authorities. As someone who has been on a work visa for the last fifteen years of my life, this was wild.


Free Course: Try IAC with Justin Mitchel

Learn the fundamentals of leading Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools by deploying Docker-based Python web applications. Over 13 hours of free video content covering Terraform, Ansible, Salt (SaltStack), Puppet Bolt, and Chef. Available Now.

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