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Principles of decision making

To make good decisions as a leader, you need clear priorities, consistency, and a cool head.

The CTO Journey: Mark Porter of MongoDB

Mark Porter, CTO of MongoDB, on falling in love with tech, transitioning to a manager, and onboarding new developers!

‘Reverse’ code review

For most software engineering roles, the best work sample test will be some combination of coding homework, pair programming, and/or reviewing previously-written code (preferably all three). But not every role; there are some circumstances where other types of tests fit better or are better at revealing some critical piece of information relevant to hiring.

Group dynamics: Norms and emotion

A frequent theme in my work is the leader who's striving to help a group be more effective. In my practice this typically involves a CEO and their executive team, but similar challenges occur at every level in an organization.

A conversation about how to enable high-velocity DevOps culture at your organization

Recently, Stack Overflow’s Chief Product and Technology Officer, Teresa Dietrich, sat down with Justin Stone, Senior Director of Secure DevOps Platforms at Liberty Mutual, for a conversation about building a high-velocity DevOps culture.

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