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Retool is the fast way to build internal tools

Retool is the fast way to build internal tools. Visually design apps that interface with any database or API. Switch to code nearly anywhere to customize how your apps look and work. With Retool, you ship more apps and move your business forward—all in less time.

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Hiring (and retaining) a diverse engineering team

Stories from six engineering leaders who succeeded in building and growing diverse teams.

Mapping alignment

Ensuring everyone is aligned to strategic objectives is one of those tricky activities that require a series of interconnected practices, all telling the story to different audiences who have differing needs for understanding. The story has to be as coherent to executives as it is to those on the teams bringing them to life. However the story has to be told differently.

Making engineering team communication clearer, faster, better

“Engineering teams fall into unhealthy patterns due to the team growing in size and products growing in scope,” Parham says. “It’s like when you grow out of your clothes as a kid. You don't wake up one day and suddenly your shoes are too small. It’s a slow creeping, inconsequential pain until you realize, ‘Something has to change.’”

Your calendar = your priorities

Share your calendar(s), and the world will know what you (and your company) values.

Best practices for on-call processes

Many technology companies have an ongoing commitment to their customers to guarantee reliability and uptime, with service level agreements that guarantee to resolve or escalate incidents within a particular time frame.

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