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Running a remote engineering team?

Want to learn about how we run effective engineering teams remotely? Register for our upcoming webinar to learn about engineering management best practices used in our branches across Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

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Planning for change with RFCs

How an enduring framework for knowledge-sharing and decision-making helped one team make more informed, egalitarian decisions—and how you can too.

Agile Principles: Go together

Twenty years ago, an agile rebellion started among a small pocket of besieged software developers. Today, the benefits of agile methodologies have improved stock trading, federal bureaucracies, celebrity chef-led humanitarian efforts. Yet Agile has started to lose favor. This has prompted us to get back to basics and start a series focusing on the Principles of Agile.

Who owns this outage? Building intelligent escalation chains for modern SRE

Before your organization can resolve an issue, it has to figure out who is on deck to respond.

Developer productivity matters

I have been fighting for investment and focus on developer productivity for a large part of my career. Platforms often focus on the user side more, and think that the focus should be on solely economic opportunity. Understandably, if you can’t persuade a business that their effort will result in profit, you won’t get resources applied.

A method for measuring analytical work

One of the great ironies of the analytics industry is its utter inability to measure itself. Despite “defining key metrics” for ambiguous business processes being a key responsibility in nearly every analytics role, we enthusiastically reject doing it for ourselves. Our work has been, and frustratingly remains, unmeasurable.

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