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The 13 best questions to ask during the remote onboarding process

Want to get the remote onboarding process right? Be sure to incorporate these 13 questions.

Being visible

One of the most effective ways to get luckier is to be more visible within your organization. There are of course very quick, very negative ways to increase your visibility, so I’ll refine the statement a bit. Your goal is to be known for good things while minimizing the organizational bandwidth you consume to do so.

The Hidden Costs of Constantly Shipping new Things

Base’s mentality was always oriented towards product and shipping features. Even our motto said it: “It’s null till you ship it” – what better way to say that all your R&D efforts should go to releasing new stuff to production?

The Management Flywheel

Have you ever worked on a team that felt like it was just stuck in a rut? Somehow things were always just one fix away from improving: the next project, the next quarter, the next hire, this would turn the situation around. And yet these projects came, the quarters went by, new people were hired and joined and left and nothing ever really improved. It’s a sadly common situation, and one of the few that I believe can be laid squarely at the feet of the team’s manager.

Jugaad takes agile to the extreme

Jugaad is agility taken to the extreme and most suitable for projects with a high degree of change, risk and uncertainty. Nothing demonstrates the essence of jugaad better than the homonymous improvised vehicles built in India. All essential mechanical parts lay open and are easily accessible instead of being enclosed in casings. The vehicle can be assembled from commonly available, repurposed parts. It can be customised and extended to fit a variety of personal and professional needs, workloads and environments. The choice of parts can adapt the jugaad vehicle to different types of terrain, usage, fuel and availability of parts.

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