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Learn how remote pair programming can increase your team's efficiency

Suddenly, the future of work materialized, and when your entire team is working from home, pair programming is not only possible but extremely valuable. Preparing yourself and your team for remote pairing will help prepare you for the future of work.

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Maker to manager  —  How we support new leaders

Advancing your career as an IC is seen as a linear progression; going from Senior Software Engineer to the next level of Principal Engineer, for example, is a promotion within Skyscanner. It’s a brand new role as you take on more ambiguous technical problems and have a wider impact within the business.

I want to hire someone my team said no to

Hiring is challenging to do: after talking with someone for a few hours, you need to get enough signals to decide if they could be a good fit for the team/company for years to come. It's a big decision for everyone involved: not just for the company, team, and manager, but even more so for the potential new hire.

Hiring vs nurturing managers

Over the last few years, companies put a lot of effort and money into developing their engineering management teams: one-on-ones, yearly goal setting, feedback, coaching, and whatnot.

How to manage growing pains during rapid team growth

Your business has grown. What once was a small office of 10 people has expanded to 200, and with that comes a whole lot of adjusting. While growth is great, not everything is sunshine and roses. We call these tough adjustments “growing pains,” and they can throw your business way off its trajectory if you aren’t prepared to face them.

Advantages of trunk-only development

What’s the alternative to complex branching and pull requests? Trunk-only development drives practices such as testing, incremental development, and branching by abstraction. It also improves communication within the team.

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