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10 Blazor Features You Probably Didn't Know

Combining MVC + Blazor in the same project? Add Blazor to your existing project without the need to rewrite the entire app. That's one out of the many benefits of Blazor. To shine light on some more of Blazor's overlooked features, we prepared a blog post to show what makes Blazor a worthy contender as the basis for your next web or desktop app. Read on!

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Positive feedback is different from praise

Every time I’ve written about feedback lately, I’ve made a point of mentioning that most feedback you deliver should be positive. Every time I do so, I get some questions about what, exactly, positive feedback means. In particular, it seems that many managers don’t fully understand the difference between praise and positive feedback.

Stop swiss cheesing your calendar

Does your calendar look like a swiss-cheese? A bunch of meetings spread out throughout the week with only 1-2 hours of gaps in between them.

What it really means to be a manager, director, or VP

It’s a hard question. You can turn to the leveling system for an answer, but it’s not in there. For years, in fact, I’ve struggled to find what I consider to be a good answer to the question.

Retrospective antipatterns

In this podcast Shane Hastie, Lead Editor for Culture & Methods, spoke to Aino Corry about common retrospective antipatterns and how to overcome them.

Why bad CEOs fear remote work

Remote work expert David Tate wrote that when fearful CEOs talk about workplace culture, they’re really talking about workplace control. Their insecurities demand that the way work is done by employees is always visible, highly regulated and uses the methods executives prefer, rather than what’s best for everyone’s productivity. Remote work is seen as a threat to many CEOs simply because of their fear of change and resistance to progress. That fear leads to an irrational rejection of remote work, instead of a thoughtful examination of where it has succeeded and what can be learned.


Tired of cleaning messy customer spreadsheets?

Importing spreadsheet data shouldn't require messy CSV templates or expensive services teams. Let your users import their own data, securely, and with confidence. No Excel formatting, no custom import scripts, and no need to build vs. buy. Integrate a production-ready data importer from Flatfile in minutes.

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