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Learn how to structure your remote hiring process

A new era of remote work suddenly arrived and managers need to enhance their recruiting process if they want to win the best talent for their companies. This guide shows you how GitLab, Zapier and other companies build thriving remote teams. Download Revelo’s free eBook.

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The art of the tick tock doc

I learned the art of the “tick tock doc” from my former colleague Deepa Subramaniam. She ran Product and I ran Engineering at Kickstarter, and when something changed in one function, it led to a ripple effect in the other. It was crucial that we be in lock-step as we rolled out new changes to the way our organizations worked.

Feedback is a mirror

You have an internal storyteller, and they are always telling you a story. Today the story is, “Almost done with all of my bugs. There were ten at the beginning of the week, but now I have two. One of them is hard, but I’ll figure it out. The other, I’m sure, will be a breeze. When these are done, I am going to spend some time working on my prototype for the next release. Can’t wait.”

Making remote and hybrid meetings work in the new future of work

A look at a cross-section of research from Microsoft accepted and presented at CHI 2021 reveals that among these changes to the workplace, researchers are also thinking about the important role that frameworks for interpretability and privacy will play in the workplaces of the future—especially as they pertain to AI becoming a more effective tool for workplace insights and collaboration.

Skills & tactics for managing challenging stakeholders

You are a forward-thinking product manager with a clear product vision, strategy, and roadmap. Yet throughout the product management process, stakeholders come to the table with unvalidated requests. “This must be built”, they insist, “and right away”.

Stop asking ‘What’s your management style?’

Why we need to stop asking about management style and focus on team culture and workstyle instead.

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