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Top Trends Influencing Tech Hiring: 2021 State of Software Engineers Report

Hired’s 2021 State of Software Engineers Report includes industry insights on what engineers want, the most in-demand skills and how you can use this data to optimize your hiring process and fill your most challenging tech roles in the USA, UK, and Canada. Download it for free!

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Treat your onboarding process like your build system

Whether you have one, ten, or a hundred engineers, a scalable onboarding process is a very high leverage activity with immediate results and has great return on investment over time.

Adding is favoured over subtracting in problem solving

A series of problem-solving experiments reveal that people are more likely to consider solutions that add features than solutions that remove them, even when removing features is more efficient.

Three feedback models

Giving feedback is perhaps the most important part of a manager’s job. Feedback is the main mechanism by which managers help the folks on their team improve, so effective feedback leads to individual career growth and better team results: win-win.

Why shared services don’t work with agility

One of my clients wants to use shared services “teams” as they start their agile transformation. Their developers work on a product for months and years at a time.

Start your new team off on the right foot

You’ve just taken a role as a team lead. While most leaders double down on setting clearer goals to rally the team, this is only half the picture. The underlying elements – like values, strengths, and behaviors – are what you really need to address to bond and perform as a team.

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