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How Blazor Performs Against Other Frameworks

Network activity is a crucial performance metric for a well-developed web app. In this piece, we talk how Blazor's two modes compares against each other and against the more traditional ASP.NET Core MVC framework. Can you guess what's the time to fully load a page using Blazor - from the moment a link is followed to the moment "DOMContentLoaded" is fired? Read on to find out!

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What good leaders do when replacing bad leaders

Any leader who is assuming a role previously held by someone else has to face their predecessor’s legacy, but those who are replacing poor or controversial leaders have a special challenge. These three strategies will help your company move on.

Managers are makers too

As a manager, does it ever nag at you that you can’t find the time to properly think about your team members and plan their career development? Perhaps you find yourself staying late to prep for 1:1s, or to put together that piece of feedback that you just couldn’t find the headspace for during the day.

Career ladders for tech

Career laddering is a system used to show what expectations are at different levels of a role, a purpose of which can be defining how one might be promoted. I’ve personally found being transparent about expectations helpful as an Engineering Leader, but is only one supportive piece of a whole. It’s critical that career laddering docs are just one tool embedded in a deeper process.

Are you stuck on vision, strategy, or tactics?

When I joined Heroku in 2013, the organization was stuck. We’d made some mistakes, which led to bad press, and everything sort of stalled out. Engineers were writing code; designers were designing interfaces; product managers were scoping products – but very little made it out the door. We were stuck.

Why you should invest in undervalued people

Everyone agrees that talent is scarce, and that hires often fail — and that failure is expensive. Why don’t companies ever take a conscious look at how to build talent instead of buying it?

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