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Spend less time sourcing and more time hiring

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If your boss could do your job, you’re more likely to be happy at work

“People don’t quit bad jobs, they quit bad bosses,” according to an old saw. Our research suggests there’s truth behind this saying: bosses matter far more for employee job satisfaction than any other factor we measured. But what makes someone a great boss?

Healthy goals

I manage a team. I recently found myself sensing that more discipline around goals would help us. But I am also fully aware of all the crappy reasons teams set goals. So I put together this little list to make sure they could hold me accountable for using goals in a healthy way.

Nurturing design in your software engineering culture

There are a few qualities that differentiate average from high performing software engineering organisations. I believe that attitude towards the design of code and architecture is one of them.

30 Traits of a Good Technical Manager

At some point in your programming career, you’ll be asked to mentor your peers. This likely means you are on someone’s shortlist for a technical management position in the future.

Fifth-generation management

Fifth-generation management is an emerging style of management we don’t know much about because it doesn’t actually exist yet. But it is guaranteed to emerge post-Covid because historically, big sharp disruptions have reliably triggered discontinuous changes in management culture, and it is already clear that this one is doing that.

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