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Learn more about Wynter Research Panels

Want to give back to the tech community while having a low-key side hustle ($90-$180/hr) to fund your habit? Wynter is looking for people to join its research panel. Answer research questions about websites and be compensated for every test you take. Takes ~10-15 min to be part of one test.

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The "Dirty" Secret of High Performing Product Teams

The dirty secret of Silicon Valley is that most great product teams follow a system that resembles waterfall (gasp!) to launch new innovative features/products repeatably. The system starts with high conviction based on judgment, intuition, and instinct rather than relying on iterative customer feedback to build conviction over time.

Hey now, you’re an all-star

What regular work activity has the highest impact on the organization in the least amount of time and effort?

5 Tips for Saying No to Stakeholders

Saying no is a firm part of our job as product people: Trying to please everyone and taking on board every idea is hardly a recipe for achieving product success. But saying no can be tough, especially when we are faced with a senior, assertive stakeholder. This article offers five practical tips to help you say no in the right way.

How to be a Secret Agent (of Change)

This post documents some essential tools I’ve collected in my “change toolkit”. By sharing them, I hope more leaders will become even better change agents, or at least be better at dealing with change.

The curious case of the missing regretted attrition

Companies spend a lot of time worrying about their team. Is your team talented enough? Are they working hard enough? Are the “good ones” leaving? Are the “bad ones” sticking around instead of being managed out? At some point, every company starts tracking employee departures.

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