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#113 – October 31, 2022


You don’t have to be a frontend expert to build beautiful apps. Retool helps.

Retool offers a component library and app-building framework in one, powerful platform. Drag and drop 100+ UI components to build any interface—then connect your data, deploy the app, and share with your users. Ship in record time with easy-to-use settings, styles, and themes.

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What are the benefits of a microservices architecture?

On the fence about what a microservices architecture can bring to your team? Here's what you need to know.

How We Improved the Development Experience for our Client Developers

The core motivation for Spotify’s Client Platform (CliP) team is empowering and unblocking client developers and giving teams the tools they need to ensure a happy and satisfying developer experience (DX). In line with this, we wanted to improve the coding experience for our development teams

Guiding principle: cross-pollination over imposed standards

There are many ways to say it: de facto over de jure standards, natural over imposed consistency, cross-pollination over imposed standards. They are all describing the same way to answer the question: how should standard ways of doing something be spread more broadly?

The Iterative-Hypothesis customer development method

This is a simple but effective process for building knowledge through interviewing (potential) customers that I’ve employed multiple times in the past fifteen years.

Group Dynamics: Very Loud (and Very Quiet) People

A theme in my practice is the leader whose team includes a very talkative (or very reserved) member, whose participation deviates substantially from the group norm. Very talkative people may speak at great length, weigh in on every topic, or interrupt frequently, leaving others feeling frustrated or stifled. Very reserved people may participate rarely or not at all, leaving others feeling hesitant or anxious.


InfluxDB IOx: InfluxData’s New Storage Engine

InfluxData, the builders of InfluxDB – the time series database, optimized for ingesting and querying time-stamped data – announced IOx, its new storage engine. InfluxDB IOx expands time series use cases and improves performance by enabling unbounded cardinality, native SQL querying capabilities, tiered data storage, and fast analytical queries.


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