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#108 – September 26, 2022


TimescaleDB – The modern Postgres for time-series

The open-source relational database for time-series with proven reliability and scale. Try TimescaleDB for free–no credit card required.

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On the team as a system

Building a product is a team project, and the product itself is a system. And a group of developers working on a single goal also becomes a system that works either together or at cross-purposes with itself.

Cultivating Hospitality

Companies love to talk about their culture and how it's unique or why it's special. People love to talk about why they think it was this way or that way, or why things changed.

Group Dynamics: The Leader's Toolkit

One of the most significant themes in my practice is the leader whose team of direct reports are experiencing difficulties working together. Most of my clients are CEOs, and they face this challenge with their company's senior leadership team, but it's a dilemma that can occur at every level of an organization. And while the leader isn't solely responsible for their team's culture, they typically have the greatest ability to influence it--for better and for worse.

How We Run Engineering All-Hands

Bringing your entire engineering team together for an all-hands meeting may be the most expensive meeting your organization has. This is the meeting that matters. As the engineering team scales, when not everyone knows what everyone else is working on, and as teams become more and more distributed, all-hands are an important part of the team and culture.

Why we added an RFC process

Growth is tricky. Whether in terms of raw headcount or people’s evolving career stages. As a team you want to provide ways in which members can experiment with new ideas, and provide tools to help them offer new perspectives. One of our greatest tools for instituting change at Artsy is our RFC process.


Hiring Developers During Uncertain Times

The economy's health is growing unstable, so a confusing US job market is still looming. As a result, tech companies' concerns about hiring new talent continue to increase. Read about concrete steps to help your company achieve its goals despite the complicated hiring situation. This article also contains a list of relevant, cost-effective, and flexible hiring solutions worth considering.


Join 2,000+ engineering leaders at Interact: a free, community-driven virtual conference

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