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How LaunchDarkly, Lattice, and Expel Manage User Notifications

Get a complete notifications system for your product, all in a few lines of code. Save development time with one API to notify users across every channel – email, SMS, push, Slack, and more – and infrastructure that’s built for scale. Collaborate with your whole team, from design to support, with a no-code template builder and real-time analytics. Try Courier for free!

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Expecting Developers to Leave

There are obvious ways to reduce turnover, like avoiding burnout of your team, compensating people well, providing adequate training and opportunities, and aligning individuals with meaningful work. Even with all of these things, and no matter how much people say it, no one is guaranteed to be around forever – or even the next year.

The Value of Cohesive Teams

One of our core principles is about being “Cohesive”. To us this means that we have a team of great people who work well together, and we can have that team execute on project after project knowing that we will get consistently great results.

Reteaming — often

We know the best work happens in small, cross-functional groups that can focus on a single mission. Our team has a strong culture, and we wanted to keep working together. The nature of the work we do is flexible and we usually don’t do long-running projects. We decided to try something different.

The gardeners dilemma

What solutions have you successfully used to radically lower the cost of software maintenance? How is your company dealing with the liabilities of owning a legacy code stack your customers depend on? Are you always able to ‘sell’ the cost of software maintenance to your customers, stakeholders or decision makers?

Always Tell the Truth, Even When You’re Embarrassed

You're a middle or senior manager in an organization trying to hold on in these crazy times. And you just discovered you're shipping the wrong version of the product. (Or your product doesn't work or it has some kind of horrible defect.) Your customers are angry. Your employees are running around, trying to fix the problem. What do you say? What do you do?

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