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Dealing with Remote Team Challenges

Trust, psychological safety, and communication are critical success factors for remote teams to overcome in order to optimise productivity and team well being.

Owning your onboarding (specially in remote work)

A few months back, I accepted an offer with another business group at Intel. To me, it was a great way of exploring new opportunities within the company and experiencing another flavor of its engineering culture. This new role was a scale-up from my previous one, a lot of new areas for me to contribute, learn, and explore. What helped me tackle this was defining how I onboarded in the new role. In this article, I am sharing the framework and ideas from my onboarding learnings.

My Approach to 1-on-1s

This is an outline of how I approach having 1-on-1s with my direct reports. I think of 1-on-1s as my primary tools for connecting with an individual and working on their morale, engagement, productivity and growth.

Blinded by "how"

Imagine that you’ve just moved to a new city. Whenever you need to go somewhere, you ask a special machine how to get there. But it doesn’t show you a map: it tells you to take twenty steps, turn left, go forward a hundred steps, etc. When you step outside, you’re blindfolded, so you can’t observe street names or other landmarks, but after years of traveling this way, you always arrive safely and on time, so you’re not complaining.

OKRs in Product Management

OKRs—objectives and key results—have experienced a renewed popularity in recent years. Consequently, I am regularly asked if and how OKRs can be applied in product management. This article shares my thoughts.

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