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Tech Lead Digest#25


How to Make Blazor Web Apps Run on Desktop

Marrying the web and desktop worlds with one tech stack has been a dream for many software development teams, but it's now perfectly achievable. By using either Electron or WebView, porting your app to the desktop becomes a walk in the park. In this blog, you will learn how to achieve what was previously impossible. Read on!

this week's favorite

Remaining Technical as an Engineering Leader

The question “how technically hands-on should I be as a team leader?” comes up frequently in my conversations with engineering leads. The short answer is: “definitely to some extent”, but for a more specific answer we need to consider context, your individual team makeup, and your goals as a leader.

How We Introduced Levels to Our Engineering Organisation without Losing People

The good thing about levels, is the transparency. When it’s clear to people what’s expected of them, stress goes down. It’s much easier to give frequent feedback with reference.

How to Hire Your First Leaders and Clean Up When You Get it Wrong

You made it! Your startup has some early traction and now you’ve hired your first leaders to help grow the company. Trouble is that things aren’t going as planned.

Basal Cost of Software

After the initial development cost, we had this continuous cost that reduces the team capacity for new features development (innovation). This cost, which continues over time and only ends with the removal of the feature or the end of life of the product, is the cost incurred by the team for the existence of that code and that feature in the product.

Leadership Soft Skills

Leadership soft skills make or break your career as you transition into engineering management. Many engineering leaders give up and turn back, while others succeed. Many of us think the successful ones were born with the soft skills necessary for leadership.