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Tech Lead Digest#33


Learn how remote pair programming can increase your team's efficiency

Suddenly, the future of work materialized, and when your entire team is working from home, pair programming is not only possible but extremely valuable. Preparing yourself and your team for remote pairing will help you get ready for the future of work. Download Revelo’s free eBook.

this week's favorite

A reading list for new engineering managers

This is the reading list I wish I’d been given as a new engineering manager. It’s organized roughly in the order that I’d want to have read them. If you’re a new engineering manager: I hope this list helps you succeed.

How to tactfully handle employee resignations

Your employee just quit at a terrible time, with little notice, and you really just want to explode – but you can’t! Here’s how to handle a resignation with tact and grace.

Prioritization beyond algorithms

The problem of prioritization comes up in many of my coaching discussions with product leaders, and in almost every product forum. We want it to be a trivial mechanical process: pick a metric (usually current revenue), estimate ROI for the entire backlog, then do whatever scores highest. But that very rarely works in practice.

Don't hire top talent; hire for weaknesses

Instead of starting from “how do we hire top talent?”, start from “what are our weaknesses?”

Building products at Airbnb

I interviewed four current Airbnb employees individually. Three are product managers, and one is an engineering manager. Their Airbnb tenures ranged from three to more than five years. A set of common themes emerged, as well as some areas of disagreement. I’m thankful to these employees for their time, and it was a fun experience (that word experience will keep coming up).


39 Challenges of Building Mobile Apps at Scale

How are large mobile apps built and what practices do world-class engineering teams use? Written by former Uber engineer and manager Gergely Orosz, the book is free for a limited time. Grab your copy now.