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Tech Lead Digest#36


Run Linux Software Faster and Safer than Linux with Open Source Unikernels

Run your first unikernel in just a few minutes using free / open source software. A unikernel is designed to run one and only one application in a virtualized environment. Nanos can run workloads like go/rust webservers 2X faster on Google Cloud and 3X faster on AWS. Unikernels aren't just faster than Linux they are safer and reduce infrastructure complexity.

this week's favorite

How setting arbitrary deadlines can hurt developers

Deadlines are a thing everyone encounters. “We need this app to go live next week” is something you most likely heard before, and generally this scares me.

Why your new strategy will fail

Why isn’t articulating a strategy enough? Why does it often fall down during implementation? What’s actually going on here?

How to hire an engineering manager: from within or without?

Maybe what you need is to replace a departing manager – someone who is leaving the company, being promoted, or going back to hands-on IC (individual contributor) work. Maybe your team has gotten too large and unwieldy and is ready to split in two, amoeba-like, or you’re on the verge of hiring a few more people and spinning off another team. Maybe you are a baby startup and this engineering manager will be your first formal structure, or maybe something else entirely.

The 10 best practices for remote software engineering

This article is intended for remote software engineers who are facing new challenges to thinking about routine, responsibility, and goal setting. As a developer of scientific software, and one who has transitioned to working remotely before any stay at home orders, I have slowly learned to optimize my own productivity by focusing exclusively on well-being.

On the bare necessity of psychological safety

The what, why and how of effective teams.