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#132 – March 27, 2023

Numbers To Know For Managing

Learning how to manage is a long race - it takes many years and each lap offers new learnings. Along the way, anchors emerge that can help orient a manager when a number of other variables are in flux. Below we offer a number of these anchors. They are based on philosophy, experience, and analysis; we hope they’ll be of some use.

Which Kubernetes Management Approach is right for your organization? (sponsor)

While many enterprises are jumping on board with containerization and Kubernetes, the real challenge is how to operate and manage your Kubernetes environment in a safe and secure way. Make no mistake – Kubernetes is complex. This blog post considers the DIY approach vs adopting a Kubernetes Management Platform.

Surprising Scalability of Multitenancy

When most folks talk about the economics of cloud systems, their focus is on automatically scaling for long-term seasonality: changes on the order of days (fewer people buy things at night), weeks (fewer people visit the resort on weekdays), seasons, and holidays.

Buy vs Build… Over Time

What to think when you realize you chose wrong.

From good to great: A capability framework for building exceptional product engineering teams

Unlock the secrets of high-performance teamwork with a capability framework, applying engineering ladder concepts to build exceptional product engineering teams.

Assess your manager’s work, engineering leader

But do you have a good role model who inspires you? Do good examples come from the top? Our managers are also people. Not everyone is a missionary or focuses on building a high-performing team.

Deployments not Releases

Turn releases into something for Marketing, not Engineering.